If things go wrong, we can knock it down

A perfect weekend for me includes a visit to the market with my mum. Lately, I've been "window shopping" and not coming home with any treasures. I think that is perfectly okay because I have so many lovely clothes and things at home that something needs to be really special now before I buy it.

I did spot this giant Pinocchio for $120 though! It's so cute. I've spotted a few wooden Pinocchios over the past year: here and here.

My ideal weekend also include spending time with my family and boyfriend. My boyfriend and I made a parrot to add to his Lego collection. He is so easy to buy presents for. All I need to decide is which Lego to buy!

We went for a picnic at the Tea Gardens and enjoyed some brie, guacamole, crackers, marinated peppers, salami, olives, carrots, blueberries, grapes and chocolate. We were too busy eating and chatting, I forgot to take photos of the food! 

We had a nice view of the river and then went for a walk as the sun set.

He picked me some wildflowers and I was happy to go home and fill my strawberry vase.

What does your ideal weekend look like?

Title: Lego House by Ed Sheeran.


  1. You might find it hard to believe, but I've become a bit more selective lately as well, particularly when it comes to clothes :-)
    I love the Lego parrot, and that your boyfriend has a Lego collection.
    And surely there's nothing better than a wildflower bouquet. It looks like he's picked you some wild garlic! xxx

  2. I've also become a lot more finicky when it comes to shopping - I am trying not to buy unless I absolutely love something.

    You and your boyfriend are so sweet - I am the same way with my husband (and he's easy to buy for too!).


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