She's got a ticket to ride

 Hope you all had a lovely Easter long weekend. I know I did!

 After the last day of term on Thursday, my family and I left for Rosebud on Friday. Leaving at 9.30am, it took us about 2 hours to arrive at the little beach town. We bought some lunch at a nearby fish and chips shop. I got a delicious lamb kebab - my favourite!

By the afternoon, the sun was still out so my dad, sister and I couldn't resist visiting the beach across the road from our motel. The water was really shallow but crystal clear. You could probably walk for 5 minutes and still the water would only be up to your knees! There were schools of fish swimming around us, as well as a few jellyfish without tentacles. We found some clams too, they were everywhere! 


I loved chatting with my sister in the beautiful blue water. I could've stayed there forever but we eventually went back to the motel to watch the footy and I read my 'John' book written by Cynthia Lennon - love that book. Even after several reads, I always get teary at the start when she quotes the 'In My Life' lyrics.


Mum has been so eager to wear her tutu out and about. I love that she paired it with a purple cardigan that I embroidered over lock-down last year.

Dress, bag and butterfly pendant: Secondhand market finds. 


For dinner, we ate at the Rye Hotel and marveled at an older waiter who pulled out our chairs - chivalry ain't dead! I ate pasta with seafood and loved the little scallops and prawns. 


After dinner, we walked across the road to an Easter carnival. Strolling around, we took photos in front of some rides. Dad bought a corn dog as we always remark that we love them, but then when we actually have one, we're always disappointed. Much like cocktails. Mum and I will share one once in a while and always conclude that they're not all they're cracked up to be! 

See you soon in my next holiday post.


 Title: Ticket to Ride by The Beatles.


  1. Oh, Jess, your post has me craving the ocean! Not our cold rocky shores, either! That looks like a wonderful break for you and Mum and Dad. Your dress is lovely, but sorry, I'll be gushing over Mum's tutu! I love LOVE that it's red and it goes so well with the cardi (aw, embroidered by you!).

    Thank you for this little "beach break"!

  2. What a lovely break! xxx

  3. Your Easter break looks and sounds heavenly! Oh, how I would love to be by the seaside!
    I'm loving both your gorgeous dress and your Mum' wonderful tutu! xxx

  4. Oh I could quite happily paddle through those warm, sandy shores whilst eating a lamb kebab! I used to have a red tutu just like your mum's but stupidly ebayed it. Drat. Your mum pulls it off well. I think I've only had a corndog once, and was a bit confused by it. I do however love a hotdog and the best one I've ever had was from a street vendour in Reykjavik, Iceland. Did you win any fairground prizes? Lulu xXx


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