Too much monkey buisness

Day 4 in Tasmania began with a 2.5 hour drive from Hobart to Launceston. My family and I stopped off at a small town and browsed the lolly shop, antique shop and bakery. I spotted two bright red telephone boxes and of course had to take a photo in front of them.

We wandered through a park once we arrived in Launceston and admired the ducks, beautiful flowers and would you believe it - Japanese monkeys! Poor things must've had flees as they were constantly picking bugs off each other and eating them. There were also three baby monkeys being carried around in their mother's pouch, so cute!

In the afternoon, we strolled around the city centre which ended in a visit to a wonderful bookshop. 

At 5.30pm, we enjoyed a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant called Pickled Evening. I had the butter chicken with garlic naan bread and rice - so delicious! It was such a big serving that I ended up taking half of it home in a takeaway container and eating it for breakfast the next morning!

Join me in my blog post next Monday for more monkey buisness!

Title: Too Much Monkey Business by Elvis Presley.


  1. I loved tagging along on your trip to Launceston! A park with Japanese monkeys is pretty special! xxx

  2. Thanks for taking us on your holidays! You, the flowers and Launceston look fabulous! Do you follow the beautiful Jill at Grown Up Glamour? She lives in Launceston! xxx


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