You've been all over and it's been all over you

Day 2 of our holiday began with a trip to the Sunny Ridge strawberry farm in Rosebud. We got to pick our own strawberries and take them home. Of course we also ate some whilst picking! I wore my red maxi dress - perfectly matching the strawberries!



After picking 4 containers of strawberries, my family and I ate at the the farm cafe under some beautiful grape vines. Mum and I chatted to a nice lady who kindly let us share her table as the place was busy. We loved the strawberry ice-cream sundae - delicious! 

On the way back to the motel, we stopped off at a
winery. Gosh everything is stunning in Rosebud and it's remarkable how the beach, wineries and the countryside are all in one place. After lunch, we revisited the beach across the road from the motel. We relaxed in the water and I loved floating on my back, it was a moment of peacefulness and gratitude. Needless to say I always hate having to leave the beach and practically had to be dragged away. We ended the day with a picnic in bed - always fun!


The next day, our last day of our holidays, was Easter Sunday. We went to Johnny Ripe - a lovely farm and cafe. Mum and I shared a smashed avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, cheese and poached eggs - never disappointing! After eating, my family and I strolled around the farm, marvelling at the beautiful lavendar fields. It was glorious in the sunshine.






 Mum and I loved this artwork and quote.


Later, we caught a ferry that traveled from Sorrento to Queenscliff. We drove our car onto the large boat and then raced up to find a spot out on the front deck. It was so beautiful seeing the sun glistening against the blue sea and we even spotted a few seals. The 40 minute ferry ride flew by and before we knew it, we were in Queenscliff browsing some op-shops and antique stores before having a dinner of tasty lamb souvlakis at a fish and chip shop. 

After cramming so much into our short holiday, we needed a holiday after our holiday! No rest for the wicked! It sure was lovely while it lasted.


Title: Beautiful Day by U2.


  1. Your dress certainly matches the strawberries! How delightful to pick your own - and scoff a few while doing so :-) And I can't get over that strawberry ice cream your Mum already gushed about on Instagram. I've been craving one ever since!
    Your holiday sounds absolutely perfect: floating in the sea, having a picnic in bed, and strolling through lavender fields! And then of course, there's all that mouth-watering food and browsing op-shops and antique shops. Sounds like pure bliss! xxx

    1. Pure bliss it certainly was, Ann. And the ice-cream was so delicious. I will definitely have more if we ever go back. X

  2. Wow, that sounds like an amazing holiday, Jess! Of COURSE you matched your dress to the strawberries (I expect no less!). All those people there without masks actually makes me stressed, but then I remember where you are! Lavender is one of my favourite smells - your leopard in the lavender is so lovely! I enjoy a ferry ride (usually), and it's funny how it looks the same no matter where you are in the world.

    Glad you got to have a holiday! It sounds like it was blissful.

    1. I know the beach is beautiful everywhere, especially when viewed on a ferry. Thank you dear Shiela. X

  3. What a lovely strawberry farm Jess!!! Rosebud looks like my kind of place - what more could you want?! (My ol' girl violin is called Rosebud after the movie Citizen Kane). I am determined to visit both a strawberry farm and lavender farm this a floaty dress of course. The ferry looks really good fun too. Lulu xXx

    1. Thank you Lulu! I know the Rosebud reference but have never watched the movie. Must do that one day! Yes, I hope you get to live out your two dreams this summer. X

  4. I've got an earworm now!
    What a fabulous day, sunshine, strawberries and fab frocks! x

    1. Well it's a great song Vix so I hope you don't mind. Thank you love, it was. X


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