Ain't it good to be alive

Hello! Another week in lock-down here in Melbourne - what a time to be alive!
 It is disheartening to see the daily corona-virus updates but I am trying to stay positive and count my blessings.

I am fortunate to have a full time job where I can work from home. It is a lot of work and stress but every job has its challenges, that's just life. If you spent your whole life looking for the perfect, stress-free job, I reckon you'd never find one.
My lovely students are doing their very best to learn from home and families are doing a wonderful job helping them. In a video meeting this week, when we were talking about the things we were grateful for on 'Thankful Thursday', I reminded them to thank their parents because they are their first and most important teachers, not just during this remote learning period but throughout their lives.

Walks to the valley always renew me. Last week, my whole family went all the way down the big hill and under the bridge - it was a mammoth eff…

See the world in green and blue

Hello! We're three and a half weeks into our second lockdown here in Melbourne and new restrictions have been imposed as the number of corona virus cases continues to rise.
In such a tumultuous year, it's so easy to get caught up in all the negativity. In fact, throughout our lives there are so many events that can be traumatic to us, but that is simply the human experience and I am choosing to look on the bright side.

In our morning video meetings, my students and I practise gratitude every Thursday - we call it Thankful Thursday! They are so sweet and love sharing what they are grateful for. And I try to practise what I preach, so here are some things I am grateful for: - Daily walks through a valley - Doing a bit of crocheting each day - Making some lavosh crackers and apple chutney yesterday - The sunshine we've had this weekend - A loved one coming back into my life
I could go on and on. It's the little things that count! During this strange period in history, it is so imp…

Wearing out things that nobody wears

Hello! How have you been? 
We are 17 days into our 2nd lock-down in Melbourne. I'm back to teaching my students from home and I'm impressed with how well they're adapting to learning from home. The number of COVID-19 cases seem to be rising and face masks are now a requirement when leaving home. While I try to look on the bright side most of the time, I just wish it was all over. Combined with my overwhelming workload, it's proving to be quite draining.

I'm glad to squeeze in a walk each day, some reading and TV watching. Mental health and having time to relax is important, but I'm sure you know that already.

I also like having a creative project on the go. Here is my granny square vest that I promised to show you. I made it myself! 

Whilst I've known how to crotchet for years, the granny square has always intimidated me. I remember seeing my friend Renee making granny squares ages ago and thinking, That looks so hard! But after being inspired by some crocheted…

We like dancing and we look divine

As promised, in this blog post I will be sharing my embroidery creations. During our first stint of lock-down, my sister and I participated in online embroidery classes once a week. We learnt how to embroider flowers and since then, I've been obsessed. Each piece took hours to create and I treasure every one of them.

First I made this t-shirt. I'm not really a fan of plain, solid t-shirts and this one has been sitting around in my drawers for years so I thought I'd jazz it up! 

That's much better - now I'll actually wear it in the summertime.

Worn with some jeans, it gives off a 1970s casual look.

And a little jewellery never hurt anyone. These pieces are all second hand and whilst the rings are modern, both bangles are vintage. My love of coral, turquoise and snake jewellery will never die!

After completing the t-shirt, I moved straight onto embroidering this plum cardigan.

Inspiration struck after I saw a similar one on 'Everybody Loves Raymond'. I took a quick…