Back to the gypsy that I was

Ahhhh, Daylesford, my favourite country town. I love taking a day trip out to Daylesford every time I'm on work holidays. I'd guess I go about 5 times a year. I had been feeling sick and stressed this particular week and a trip to Daylesford was just what I needed, I suddenly felt like myself again.

Before making the 1.5 hour drive there, my mum and I spent the morning with my nonna, chatting away and taking her grocery shopping.

When we got to Daylesford, we went to the Vintage Mills Market and I searched in vain for a Fleetwood Mac record. Oh well, I'll find some one day. My mum did come away with a bright, patterned vintage dress that she was delighted with.
We sat in the Mills Market cafe to have lunch and ate a pesto, bocconcini, and roast vegetable foccacia - it was so yum. Also on the menu, I saw that the cafe was selling bacon, lettuce and tomato rolls, so as soon as we got home, I went to the shops, bought the ingredients and made them myself. It was so delicious tha…

I'm high on the hill looking over the bridge to the M.C.G.

What's a girl to do when it seems the whole of Melbourne is raving mad about the AFL Football Grand Final? Join in on the fun! I dressed up in a blue, cord jumpsuit that my mum culled out of her wardrobe and gave to me (thanks mum)! Then my family and I went to my Dedo's house to watch the football with him. I enjoyed Paul Kelly's pre-game performance of Leaps and Bounds with the ever fabulous Vika and Linda Bull. They are Australian treasures.

I was never one to watch grand finals until the Western Bulldogs won in 2016 (for the first time since 1954)! I've been going to the football since I was a baby. Now I understand how excited football fans feel when their team is in the grand final. I was cheering for Richmond Tigers and they won. Maybe I'm a lucky charm? Just kidding, all credit to the hard work of the players.

A few days after the football fun, I was reminded of how much I love wearing my matching snake print skirt and jacket when I recently watched Once Upon…

Me and Suzy had so much fun

Just like little children, my mum and I went to the Royal Melbourne Show. Actually, there were many adults there, it was a fun day. First we went to the food pavillion and tasted all manner of food samples - chocolate licorice, chilli salsas, salami, honey and cheeses. 

We watched Cosentino the illusionist, which I surprisingly enjoyed. Then we had a wander around I convinced my mum to go on the ferris wheel with me. 

I'm happy to say that we weren't petrified of heights.

In fact, I really enjoyed being up in the sky. We could see the horse show...

the suburbs...

and the Pie in The Sky.

We returned back to the main stage to find an Elton John tribute band performing. One of the lyrics in 'Crocodile Rock' is Me and Suzy had so much fun. Of course I had to use that for this blog title as Suzy is my mum's name.

 I was feeling sick on this day and instead of missing out on the Melbourne Show fun, I rugged myself up in this big fluffy leopard coat with a belt over the top.

Baby, you're out of time

It's been a busy couple of days, thank goodness I'm on work holidays! I treasure this time because I can take time to relax, catch up with friends, family and of course, there's always work I take home with me as a teacher. 

On Sunday, my family and I went to my nonna's house to help her install her new stove. I love spending time with my nonna. We ate dinner together and wandered around her garden - she grows all types of vegetables. I even picked some chilli, lavender and sage to take home with me. Thanks nonna! 

I also found these treasures at the morning market. I love how they all perfectly colour coordinate.

On Monday, my mum and I went to the cinemas to watch 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'. I thought about watching it when I last went to the cinemas with my friend Deana to see the Lion King but then I promptly forgot about it. After recently watching Devyn Crimson's review of the film's fashion, I decided to go and see it.


I didn't really …

There's a world out there for you, you're goin' to understand

On the weekend my mum, dad and I went to Lorne for a family friend's 50th birthday. We were last in Lorne in April, it's such a beautiful, picturesque place. My sister couldn't make it because she was performing in a theatre show. I think she's a bit of a superstar, but more on that later.

The two hour drive to Lorne was wonderfully scenic - there's hills, magnificent fields of yellow flowers and then to top it off, ocean views. The roads got windy and my dad, who thinks he's a race car driver, had my mum and I squealing, feeling car sick and getting a headache all at once! 

Finally we arrived and everyone had lunch at the Lorne Hotel, spent some time in the sunshine and chatted away to family and friends. 

Before we left, my mum and I took some photos at the beach. If you haven't noticed by my beach posts here, here and here, I'm enamoured by the beach and love just sitting and watching the waves crash whenever I can. I find it soothing and peaceful.

The d…

All your life you've never seen a woman taken by the wind

My sister, mum and I went to see Fleetwood Mac last night! 

We had tried to get tickets when they were first on sale but they sold out. Then my mum heard about some last minute tickets that were added to the show and we snapped them up! I'm so glad we decided to go.

My mum and I felt that it was only appropriate to dress up to honour Stevie Nick's fabulous 1970s fashion.  My mum wore this stunning velvet and lace dress. I wore this satin dress with huge sleeves.

 I've channeled Stevie in the past, and recently found this dress in an op-shop and felt that it was only right to have its first outing be a Fleetwood Mac concert.

My mum and I also wore our matching amethyst rings. My mum knowshow much I love chunky, amethyst rings and she surprised me with this sweet present last week. Then she found an oval one for herself, so we are officially twins! Thank you mum, you're too kind.

We had a wo