Riders On The Storm

It's my birthday tomorrow and I've done a few things over the weekend to celebrate!

On Saturday, I went on a hike to the valley. It's my happy place. I like the river stream, it's a really peaceful place.

After going to the football in the afternoon, my family and I went out for some Indian food, then I treated us all to some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I haven't had them in ages and my sister and I were really excited to have them - ahh, simple pleasures!

This morning my mum and I braved the cold to go to the market. I found a green floral dress and a book by The Doors drummer John Densmore, which I forgot to take a photo of. I've only recently gotten into The Doors and now I'vegot two books about them. You may have noticed by my recent Instagram story that I really love reading and collecting biographies/autobiographies on old bands.

I'm looking forward to watching Almost Famous later this afternoon- the perfect end to my celebratory weekend! 
Outfit details: M…

Oh yeah, wait a minute Mister Postman

On Saturday, I was listening to the With the Beatles album as I was cleaning and the song 'Please Mister Postman' got stuck in my head. So naturally when I passed a postbox the next day on the way home from the market, I had to get a photo in front of it! Silly, I know, but fashion is meant to be fun. 

Speaking about fashion, here are my prized Turkish boots. Every year, on my way to visit Eden, I'd go into a Turkish store in Stratford and lust over these boots. I used to look at them, but never buy them - they were out of my price range. Finally, when I was working part time at uni, I saved and saved for them and the next time we passed Stratford, I bought them! Aren't they unusual!

I styled this outfit around my boots because I knew the weather would be okay and I only wear them when I know it's not going to rain. I decided to stick with solid colours - a purple turtleneck, purple tights and rust/red cord skirt.

I think I've got to let go of this cord mini skirt…

I'm glad it's your birthday, happy birthday to you

It's my mum's birthday tomorrow so my family and I have spent some time celebrating with her this weekend. Yesterday we went out to a local park and then to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.

It's Autumn here in Australia and I adore the changing colours of the leaves, especially the red leaves in this photo. 

This plant with small yellow flowers was cute too. I like taking photos in front of trees or flowers. In fact, I love spending time in nature in general. I remember learning at uni that being amongst nature is really important for humans, it's like a form of meditation.

I was happily taking in the beauty of the park when I noticed a man peeking his head through the bushes and watching us as we took some outfit shots. He kept stopping and watching us, stopping and looking at us. Very weird. Either he thought our outfits were outrageously wonderful (!) or... I don't know, it was very strange. We're just taking photos, carry on!
Outfit details: I quite like we…

My most treasured dress: Radley of London

On Sunday, I shared what I wore to a wedding and here are some pictures of an outfit I recently wore to a funeral.

I'm not one to ever do this, but this dress is special. It's a vintage Radley of London dress. Swinging Sixties designer Ossie Clark and his wife Celia Birtwell made some clothes for Radley and they are much sought after amongst vintage enthusiasts. Ossie Clark dressed the fabulous and rockers of the sixties and seventies, including the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull, Pattie Boyd and Liza Minelli.  

Pattie Boyd in Ossie Clark.

Anita Pallenberg in an Ossie Clark snakeskin jacket.

Marianne Faithfull in an Ossie Clark suit.

Mick Jagger in an Ossie velvet jumpsuit

About 3 or 4 years ago, I bought this dress on eBay for a remarkable $30! I've often seen Ossie Clark or Radley pieces for three or even four digit prices online, so it was a real bargain! 

I pull this dress out for occasions and it has sentimental value to me as I wore it to …

It's a nice day for a white wedding

I wore this outfit to a wedding last weekend.

I'm not usually that keen on going to weddings, but I had a good time. It was an Italian and Macedonian celebration, with music from both cultures so I was in my element as I understood the aspects of both traditions.

The food was nice, I liked the panna cotta dessert and I had fun dancing - I can't complain! The bride and groom looked so genuinely happy and their joy was contagious.

InitiallyI wasn't sure what to wear as it was quite a cold day and my formal clothes are more suitable for Summer. I pulled out this floral dress and paired it with my suede vintage shoes and a clutch bag that I recently found at the market. The inner tag on the bag says that the outer section is made of 100% paper, which makes it look like wicker.

I love these shoes. I don't know if they're called lace up shoes or boots. What do you think?  I don't wear them as often as I should because they're a bit uncomfortable and hurt my ankles.

At …

I'll Follow the Sun

Day 3 of our holiday to Lorne started off with a nature hike to Erskine Falls. A friend from work recommended seeing the waterfall and it was definitely worth the trip. 

My dad and sister ventured through the rocks to get a closer look. I was making my way over until my sister slipped off the slippery rocks and into the water and I decided, nope, not doing that!

This is as much "glamour" as I could muster up for hiking, with a limited holiday wardrobe. I just wore my velvet leopard pants, runners and an old Rolling Stones tshirt. I didn't quite blend in with the masses of people wearing black and leggings! 

We then drove to Teddy's Lookout which amazed me even more than the waterfall. Everywhere you looked, there was a beautiful view of the ocean. The sound of the waves was so calming. I really didn't want to ever leave.

On Easter Monday, our last day in Lorne, we packed our suitcases and drove home. We stopped off at Torquay Beach. 

I'm the sort of person who'…

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

We started off Day 2 of our Lorne holiday with a rare sleep in. I hardly ever sleep in due to waking up early for work and even earlier on weekends for the Sunday market! 

We walked to the Trash and Treasure in a church hall right across from the beach and later strolled through the Lorne weekend market. There weren't many things of interest, mostly new things, although there were some nice wool fedoras. At the princely sum of $75, I couldn't justify spending that much on a hat when I already have so many hats bought at a fraction of the cost.

I don't think I have enough hats, do you?

Then we walked to the pier to eat at a beautiful restaurant right by the beach. Our neighbour, who often visits Lorne, had recommended the seafood marinara at this restaurant and it was delicious.

 My mum got to live out her Shirley Valentine dream. She loves the scene in that movie where Shirley sits on a table right by the beach and relaxes. 
After lunch, we strolled along the pier, took s…