Strawberry Fields Forever

Over the holidays, my mum sister and I went for a day trip to country town Bacchus Marsh. We visited a strawberry farm, where we roamed around the field and picked our own strawberries to purchase.

It's a fun experience. Whenever we've been in the past, it's always been really hot in the field so we chose to go on a mild day so that we wouldn't bake in the sun! The strawberries weren't as abundant as the season is drawing to an end, so we really needed to search and keep our eyes peeled for any ripe strawberries hiding beneath the leaves.

Even though it's Summer, I wore boots and tights as either the  weeds between the aisles always make my skin itchy. I also chose to wear a mini dress under my top as I've made the mistake of wearing a longer skirt to the strawberry field in the past, and it kept getting caught in the plants!
We ended our trip with a visit to a few op-shops and then we headed home. 
Outfit details: Velvet mini dress - Ishka, years ago. Australian…

Hey, you with the sad face, come up to my place and live it up

On Saturday, one of my favourite Australian bands - the Sunnyboys - played a 'By The C' concert in a seaside town near Geelong. This is the 3rd time I've seen them live. The last time was about 2 years ago at Geelong too. 

My dad got me onto the Sunnnyboys, so we decided to go together. Then my mum wanted to go and convinced my sister to come along too, so it was a family affair!
We stopped off to take some snaps at the beach before going to the concert.
A bunch of other Australian bands (mostly from the 80s) played too... Iluka Do Re Me Mental As Anything  The Church  and  Icehouse.
Do you know any of these Aussie bands?

We arrived at about 2pm, it was an all day event. Just as we found a spot in the field to place our picnic blanket and fold up chairs, the rain descended! And then it was sunny, then it rained again. That's Melbourne weather for you - and it's Summer!

My dad and I got up to dance in the standing area when Mental As Anything played. I'm not very familiar w…

I can see paradise by the dashboard lights

After spending the day in Merimbula, the next day we visited another beachy town called Pambula. My family and I spent some time at Pambula Beach River Mouth, a really pretty bay area. The water was a beautiful light turquoise colour, these photos didn't quite capture how pale and pretty the water was.

The area is known as 'Squaky Beach' as the sand makes a funny, squeaky sound when you walk on it - It's a strange phenomenon! My dad walked around like a robot making squeaking sounds - it made us laugh!

We just sat around, chatted and gazed at the beach. It was so peaceful, one of the most peaceful places I've ever been to. 

Whenever I visit really peaceful places, I feel sort of sad upon leaving and wonder 'will I ever feel this peaceful again?' 
I had that same feeling in Daylesford last year.

Outfit details:
Maxi dress: last worn here
Vintage tooled bag- opshopped

I really loved Pambula 'Squeaky' Beach, and we'll definitely visit it again the next tim…

Happy (Chinese) New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! I'm back with a blog post earlier than I anticipated.

Yesterday, the teachers at the school I work at were asked to wear red or yellow clothes - lucky Chinese colours.
 I'm convinced this red vintage dress is lucky- it gave me some much needed confidence in my job interview in late 2017 and I got the job! I was feeling really nervous just before walking into the interview and then suddenly I felt really positive and certain that I was going to get the job. The power of clothes, indeed!
I bought this lantern at a market a couple of months ago and brought it in to my classroom to display. My students loved it and many of the teachers admired it to. I have a small lantern decoration that I put on the Christmas tree too, they're really beautiful.

Outfit details: Vintage dress, made in Australia: market find Bakelite and plastic bangles: second hand finds Chilli necklace: made by me. Shoes: Retail sale years ago.

Do you like participating in different cultural cel…

Seaside Rendezvous

After seeing out 2018 with a bang of fireworks on the beach, my family and I returned to Merimbula for our tradition of having lunch at the RSL.

After lunch, we walked to the Boardwalk, which is a long pier along the lake shore. It was a so lovely - we spotted lots of oysters and tiny crabs in the water. We even heard an animal rustling in the bushes and discovered an echidna! I've only ever seen this wild Australian mammal in the zoo, so it was cool to see one up close.

Even though we've visited Merimbula many times before, we'd never known about the Boardwalk. When I was talking to another teacher, she recommended it and said that she was also holidaying there. We were glad to discover a new place to wander around and wouldn't you know it, we bumped into the very same teacher and had a nice chat!

Before driving back to Eden, we stopped off at a few places...

First, we checked out the kangaroos in Pambula, that live on a corner block, right next to a house!

Pambula's b…

Don't Stop Me Now

For the last few days of 2018, my family and I were still in Eden. After missing the chance to buy some fresh seafood off the wharf the previous day, we returned on the Sunday, made friends with the lovely fisher-lady and brought some mussels back to the cabin.

My mum and I finally got to make a paella and a fruit and tea sangria - it was yum!

I spent the day reading and hanging out near the beach. Later in the afternoon, my mum and I went for a walk around the caravan park. I've always loved the painted fish walls of the laundry, the other side of the wall is even better. It's a bit of a tradition to take some photos in front of the fish wall each time we're there.

My mum and I found a seat bench near the creek and sat around for a long time chatting away. I admired the reflection of the clouds in the water.

The next day, we spent the last day of 2018 at a nearby, somewhat hidden place called Boyd Torn beach. We drove through three hilly entrances before we found the right on…

Seven Seas of Rhye

After a day out in Merimbula, my mum and I began the next day with a walk by the beach. The sky and water looked beautiful.

I cooked some pancakes with strawberries and nutella for my family and I. We then drove to the Eden wharf to buy some mussels, as my mum wanted to make paella for lunch. We stopped off to say our annual hello to Denise the horse who we've now renamed Denis after discovering he's a boy! He's usually very friendly and let's us pat and feed him grass but this year he bit my sister! We laughed about that for ages!

Then we popped into Tribal Suzani Eden Specialty, a hippy shop that we like to pop into whenever we're in Eden. 

I love these lamps, puppets and Turkish plates.

Last year, I bought a raw amethyst stone for myself and a snakeskin bag for my mum from this shop. This year, I bought a bright coloured maxi dress, which I'm sure will pop up on this blog soon. It's not too often that I buy brand new clothes from a store but I like the tradi…